Cozen Street Art

Resin Toy - Tent E Cool

For my second custom toy I thought I would develop the idea i had for a range of mutant pot plants. I sketched out a few different things in my black book and decided to start with Tent E Cool. An evil vine with big sharp pointy teeth and Octopus style suckers!

At the moment i have only made the sculpture, its a modular design, 5 pieces in total. 3 tentacles one plant pot and a name tag. I think it would be too hard to make a mould of if it was all one piece. As it is i think each tentacle will have to be a 3 piece mould so the teeth don’t get locked in the silicone. I need to get a little more practice at mould making before I develop this any further, one day this will be a custom resin toy one day.