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Stickers from Cozen.

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Sep 042014

I made stickers!!!

I really do have art ADHD. Even though i haven’t finished my spud resin toy or developed the box or packing. I decided it was time to produce some stickers! I didn’t just want to make one sticker though, had a few ideas so I started creating a little set of stickers.
Stickers by Cozen Continue reading »

Jul 292014

Can you find a Free Art Friday Spud By Cozen?

I have been on a couple of trips into central and East London to drop off a few Spuds as #FreeArtFridays for any wonderful person lucky enough to find them! I Have been leaving The little Fella in areas where graffiti and street art are tolerated, then on Instagram from my @cozen_art Continue reading »

Designer Toy – Tent E Cool

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May 152014

For my second venture into sculpture I wanted to expand an idea I had a shot time ago for a range of designer toy pot plants with a dark and playfully evil theme. I got out my Black Book and started to scribble out a few ideas. After getting 4 or 5 different ideas down I decided to get the clay out and start to sculpt Tent E Cool, a vine / tentacle with octopus suckers and big sharp pointy teeth! Continue reading »

Learning to Sculpt!

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Apr 122014

Been a slow start to the year street art wise. I put my back out after Christmas and found it hard to do much, but I picked up a block of super sculpy and I grabbed a set of cheap Chinese sculpting tools and I started playing with clay.
Just messing around to start. Seeing how the clay behaved to being worked. Testing what effect the different tools had on the surface of the clay and how they helped form and shape it. Making odd little things and generally doodling with clay.
Lets say I don’t appear to be a naturally talented sculptor! But who am I to let that stand in the way of my dream producing a custom resin toy!?!? Continue reading »

Update – More Galleries of Stencils!

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Dec 142013

Computer game addiction is slowing me down at the moment, hopefully I can put a bit more work in over the Christmas break. But I have made a couple more galleries for you good guys and gals of the internets! Continue reading »