Cozen Street Art
Mar 072015

Ok so the other day i decided i wanted to make some koi……yes yes i know i still haven’t finished super spud.
But that is not how a roll! i work more like a shotgun blast than an arrow!

i started with a lump of super sculpy clay

Koi Custom Toy 01
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Jan 272015

Its a New year so you have start something new, Right?
Well I have decided to scale up my small Designer toy “Spud” to be approximately 28cm or about 7 inches.

And I shall name him….eeerm super spud? or maybe King Edward?? i dunno yet!

I got me some clay, some tinfoil and a few new tools including an nice balling tool and some silicone tipped sculpting tools……but i bet ya i revert to the 2 or three rubbish old tools i have been using since the start!

I started by making a tinfoil core for the new uber spud and giving him some feet.
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Designer Toy – Tent E Cool

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May 152014

For my second venture into sculpture I wanted to expand an idea I had a shot time ago for a range of designer toy pot plants with a dark and playfully evil theme. I got out my Black Book and started to scribble out a few ideas. After getting 4 or 5 different ideas down I decided to get the clay out and start to sculpt Tent E Cool, a vine / tentacle with octopus suckers and big sharp pointy teeth! Continue reading »

Update – More Galleries of Stencils!

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Dec 142013

Computer game addiction is slowing me down at the moment, hopefully I can put a bit more work in over the Christmas break. But I have made a couple more galleries for you good guys and gals of the internets! Continue reading »

Progress Update – Stencil Art Galleries

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Nov 212013

Progress: Four galleries up and running.

I have been beavering away since my last post. Trying to get something a little more fun up on the net for you guys to look at. So I started sifting through photos to make a few galleries of my own stencil art. Continue reading »

Website Build Update

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Nov 172013

Small update

on the progress of Cozen Street Art for anyone who may of stumbled across my little world. I got myself a working home page with a lovely big slider, I don’t think a mobile phone user would like it too much, but it looks great on a nice 1080p monitor. Continue reading »