Cozen Street Art
Mar 072015

Ok so the other day i decided i wanted to make some koi……yes yes i know i still haven’t finished super spud.
But that is not how a roll! i work more like a shotgun blast than an arrow!

i started with a lump of super sculpy clay

Koi Custom Toy 01

Shaped the body and added a face
Koi Custom Toy 02

stuck on a fancy tail
Koi Custom Toy 03

couple more fins
Koi Custom Toy 04

a bit of dorsal fin action
Koi Custom Toy 05

Time for some sanding i think
Koi Custom Toy 06

i enjoyed making him and id like to make some more fish.
a shark, puffer fish and angler fish…….who knows what else!

maybe i’ll cast them and make a little habitat for them, i dont know.

Thanks for looking

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