Cozen Street Art
Jan 272015

Its a New year so you have start something new, Right?
Well I have decided to scale up my small Designer toy “Spud” to be approximately 28cm or about 7 inches.

And I shall name him….eeerm super spud? or maybe King Edward?? i dunno yet!

I got me some clay, some tinfoil and a few new tools including an nice balling tool and some silicone tipped sculpting tools……but i bet ya i revert to the 2 or three rubbish old tools i have been using since the start!

I started by making a tinfoil core for the new uber spud and giving him some feet.

Next up i wrapped the tin foil core with a firm clay skin…..
looks like its going to need some filling!

Added his nose

Super Spud - Custom Toy

Work in progress of my new designer resin toy

Bit of bottom lip action and started on his tummy!

Its Early Stages at the moment. But so far I think its a good start.
Comparing the large one to the mini one it looks like I have my proportions a little wrong.
at the moment his nose looks to be dominating the face.
I’ll re jig that and show you more soon!

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