Cozen Street Art
Nov 202014

At long last after several mistakes, multiple redesigns, several glue test and countless hours of cutting, sticking and colouring in….. i have decided on the final design for the spud box and packing for young spud!

Spud Box Designs

Packing for Spud – a custom toy by Cozen

The first box was too small for the new sign I incorporated into the design. So I had to scale up the box to fit it in.
Also I didn’t really think about the way the nett for the box would work in the initial design. so I ended up with a join at the front of the box, which is not very ascetically pleasing.
that was all changed so any joins on the box are now at the back or on the bottom of the design.

I only outlined the design so i could hand finish the packing in the colour of the Spud inside.


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