Cozen Street Art
Sep 042014

I made stickers!!!

I really do have art ADHD. Even though i haven’t finished my spud resin toy or developed the box or packing. I decided it was time to produce some stickers! I didn’t just want to make one sticker though, had a few ideas so I started creating a little set of stickers.
Stickers by Cozen
For the fist Sticker i made a nice crisp digital tag, the colours are based on my Website colour scheme, burnt orange and dark grey.
For my second sticker I adapted an old stencil i made a long time ago and never painted, a scalpel with wings. its a bit of a twist on the sas logo of a sword with wings.
Finally i did a little sketch of the ever popular Spud in two colour ways. I decided the little fella needed a voice. So i have given him a blank sign, that way i can write my own messages and random quotes! ill be making a resin versions of the sign for future spud creations.

The stickers are vinyl, printed at 1500 dpi, have UV Resistant Ink and a waterproof marine grade glue.
I would of loved to have screen printed these my self, but I have none of the required equipment, zero space!
I did think about getting a company to properly screen print them but that is a wee bit expensive unless your doing a big run of stickers. As I give most of the stuff i make away, screen printing wasn’t really an option!

I have knocked up a little gallery of all the stickers i have designed so far. why not go check it out :)

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