Cozen Street Art
Jul 292014

Can you find a Free Art Friday Spud By Cozen?

I have been on a couple of trips into central and East London to drop off a few Spuds as #FreeArtFridays for any wonderful person lucky enough to find them! I Have been leaving The little Fella in areas where graffiti and street art are tolerated, then on Instagram from my @cozen_art account i have been sending out a message to the world via the “Free Art Friday” hash tag. Usually there is something in the photo to help people find my resin toy Spud, like prominent graffiti or some kind of land mark……to a trained street art hunter they should be easy to find!
Keep an eye on my instergram and twitter @cozen_art and you might be lucky enough to bag your self a free art friday custom toy!

Free Art Friday Spud Drop

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