Cozen Street Art
May 152014

For my second venture into sculpture I wanted to expand an idea I had a shot time ago for a range of designer toy pot plants with a dark and playfully evil theme. I got out my Black Book and started to scribble out a few ideas. After getting 4 or 5 different ideas down I decided to get the clay out and start to sculpt Tent E Cool, a vine / tentacle with octopus suckers and big sharp pointy teeth!

Designer Toy Tent E Cool

At the moment Tent E Cool is a one off. I have not made a mold or made any resin copy’s . If im honest, once I finished making it i decided it was all a bit complicated to cast…..certainly as a single piece. I reworked the design and made the toy more modular so if i do decide to make it a designer toy it can be cast in 5 separate parts and then it can be painted and assembled. But really i need a bit more practice at making these custom toys and molds in general, or I might just waste a lot of silicone and pennies!

Why not take a look at the Tent E Cool gallery packed full of photos!


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