Cozen Street Art
Apr 122014

Been a slow start to the year street art wise. I put my back out after Christmas and found it hard to do much, but I picked up a block of super sculpy and I grabbed a set of cheap Chinese sculpting tools and I started playing with clay.
Just messing around to start. Seeing how the clay behaved to being worked. Testing what effect the different tools had on the surface of the clay and how they helped form and shape it. Making odd little things and generally doodling with clay.
Lets say I don’t appear to be a naturally talented sculptor! But who am I to let that stand in the way of my dream producing a custom resin toy!?!?

So after I had finished my experimentation I decided the next stage was to produce a basic character, then attempt to make a two part silicone mold and finally produce an exact replica of my original sculpture in resin.

After some fiddling and tweaking the Cocknee Sparra was born.
There is a lovely gallery of the process for you to check out.

Resin Toy Cockney Sparrow

He is only an experiment, never even considered for mass production. Too weird to live, and too rare to die.

Thanks for looking

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