Cozen Street Art
Nov 212013

Progress: Four galleries up and running.

I have been beavering away since my last post. Trying to get something a little more fun up on the net for you guys to look at. So I started sifting through photos to make a few galleries of my own stencil art. Even If I do say so myself I think I have made some darn good progress. Found myself a very nice CSS gallery. I then had to take it apart to learn how to style it to my own site and I think it looks pretty neat if I do say so myself!
It’s fully adaptive so it shrinks down nicely to fit a mobile device…..although the images are half a Meg each as they are such high quality, it may drain your data pretty fast looking at the gallery on your phone!

So the stencil art galleries I have finished are. My Early Stencils, Rex the Guard Dog, Force It, Maria the Dancer, A few Cozen Tags, and a test of my Elephant Nelly.

For more progress updates keep watching the blog.

– Cozen

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