Cozen Street Art
Nov 122013

This is the very fist post on my blog!!
I’m currently in the process of building my own little Cozen Street Art home on the web. The site is really my own pet project to learn some web design and show some of my (bad) art work to the world wide web.
deep down I’m a street art and graffiti geek. I love the little pieces, out of the way gems, the hidden things that every one else walks by. I enjoy street art that really try’s to interact with the environment.
In my spare time I play with paints and inks, clay and resin. Most of all I try to make fun stuff and things that makes people smile.
I don’t think I’m particularly skilled at any of this just yet, but I’m learning and I’m having fun!

My street art home is currently being built at the moment, so something’s might not be working as they should just yet, but rest assured i’m on the case and working hard to get the site ship shape lickety split.

– Cozen

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